Purchasing a charming old home can be appealing to nostalgic and handy homeowners. However, years of use and settling can cause issues like stuck windows. Wooden window frames can shrink, swell, and warp over time, and it’s not uncommon to find windows nailed or painted shut. If you’re struggling with sticky, unmovable windows, addressing obvious issues and adjusting the room’s temperature to shrink the wood might help. A bit of maintenance can save you money on new window installations.

Protect Your Eyes and Hands

Wear protective eye gear to shield your eyes from paint chips, wood, and glass. If you accidentally break the glass, put on leather gloves before handling any broken pieces. Make sure to unlock any window locks.

Inspect and Remove Obstructions

Look for items blocking the window’s movement inside the window, such as driven nails or props used to force it shut. Remove any wedges you find and carefully pull out nails using a hammer grip. Be cautious not to hit the glass.

Break the Paint Seal

Use a utility knife to scrape the paint around the window and break the seal between the sash and frame. Repeat this process if the paint is thick. Attempt to open the window. If the seal is broken but the window won’t move, use a putty knife and hammer to wedge the window up from the bottom. Lightly tap the putty knife’s handle after sliding its edge under the window’s bottom. Do this in several areas to create leverage.

Pry the Window from Outside

Go outside and use a pry bar to lift the window. Gently raise the window, using the pry bar as leverage.

Adjust Room Temperature and Humidity

Lower the air-conditioning thermostat to decrease the air temperature, allowing the wood to shrink. Place a dehumidifier in the room to reduce humidity. After an hour, tap the wooden frame with a hammer to loosen it. Lift the window using the putty knife and hammer.

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