Whether you own an older or historical residential or commercial building, maintenance will eventually become necessary. Windows, being a critical component of any structure, can be expensive when it comes to repairs, restoration, or replacement. So, how do you decide on the best course of action? Let’s delve into the details.

Deciding Between Window Repair and Replacement

Window replacement is often the go-to solution, but many opt for restoration to maintain the building’s charm and value, particularly in the case of historical structures. If you’re dealing with inoperable, leaky windows that are not up to current efficiency standards, you’ll need some assistance. Fortunately, window restoration experts like those at the Squeegee Squad can restore many old windows to proper working order.

Understanding the Basics of Historic Windows

Historic windows are predominantly made of wood, which means that most individual components can usually be replaced. In some situations, certain parts might be repairable, which is crucial for maintaining or achieving historical status with local government officials. With prior approval from historical societies, you may even be allowed to make upgrades that improve overall efficiency.

The Benefits of Window Rebuilding and Restoration

The saying “They don’t make things like they used to” still rings true when it comes to windows. Contemporary window installations generally have a warranty of about ten years, whereas older windows were designed to last a lifetime or longer. By re-caulking and sealing these high-quality windows, especially those with unique features, you can preserve the building’s classic and historical nature at a relatively affordable cost.

Potential Problems with Window Replacement

In cases where windows have suffered extensive water damage, replacement might be the only option. However, the presence of lead-based paint can pose a hazard to occupants and workers, which could ultimately increase the cost of hiring local contractors. The silver lining is that a qualified repair company can apply caulking, fix leaky spots, and seal cracks when necessary.

Considerations for Commercial and Residential Window Design

While windows might appear to be simple, their design and efficiency levels are more intricate, especially in older buildings. Restoring historically defined structures requires following specific guidelines, making it essential to have a professional on your side to maintain the building’s unique characteristics while enhancing energy efficiency. Commercial windows are constructed with different materials and must adhere to the North American Fenestration Standards, which require heavy-duty framing and reinforced glazing.

In contrast, residential standards typically do not demand these robust materials. However, local restrictions for historic structures must be observed. For such projects, local window restoration experts are in high demand, as they can assist with approved glazes and increase structural integrity using the appropriate materials that can withstand the elements and ensure the long-lasting functionality of your home or commercial building.

Weighing the Costs of Window Replacement Vs. Window Restoration

The cost of materials for commercial buildings usually surpasses that of residential structures. Internal heat in large buildings accumulates more quickly than in the average home, so businesses might need lower UV rating factors, which could increase upfront costs but reduce energy expenses in the long run.

It’s also essential to consider that preserving older windows for historical value ensures the availability of maintenance funds from local sources. Regardless of the type of window you need, quality is crucial for both repairs and replacements. Conduct thorough research, and then consult with Squeegee Squad for a complimentary evaluation and assessment.

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