Historic window restoration


Do your windows need restoration work?

If your wood window has lost its beautiful appearance due to damage of the wood then you have come to the right place!

Good Window Works specializes in rotten wood restoration on old historic windows. 

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How It Works?

Good Windows Works specializes in wood window restoration and we have given a new life to thousands of old windows. Here are steps of old wood window restoration:

  • extract window sashes from window frames
  • board up opening with insulation panels
  • at our facility we will completely remove paint and old glazing
  • clean up original / old-style glass (replace if necessary)
  • millwork for necessary parts
  • primer and paint application followed by reglazing
  • hardware inspection and maintenance (rope, rollers, balancers)
  • lastly reinstall window sashes back into window frames
  • inspect windows for proper functionality
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Service Areas

If your town is not in the list please don’t hesitate to contact us and our representative will consult you on our services as well as the entire list of cities and small towns where we carry out our restoration services to old style wood windows.

Why Choose Good Window Works?

If you want to reveal original beauty to your old-style windows, our company offers a cost-effective solution for window restoration in Boston, MA. 

Give a new life to your historic windows with Good Window Woks!

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