Historic wood window restoration

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Windows play an important architectural role in any historic building or old home. They complete the whole design structure and define the historic period and high quality of the structure. Over decades old wood windows are exposed to negative influences, such as temperature changes, high humidity, sunlight, dust and other negative factors that lead to decay and destruction of the wood. In order not to destroy the historical spirit and vintage view of the window many homeowners look for a wood restoration company.

Old wood window restoration with Good Window Works

Qualitative wood window restoration in Acton will help to stop the process of deterioration and restore the windows to their original beauty. 

Timely restoration of wood windows will not only correct their appearance, but will completely restore the condition of the wood from which they are made, and wood windows will serve you for many more years as well as save the historical view of the building.

Restoration services in Acton

Historic window services of Good Window Works begin with basic rehabilitation to restore operability, reglazing, and performing certain repairs. We have the experience and skills to perform each aspect of old style window restoration from removal & board-up, rehabilitation and restoration, reproduction, finishes, and re-installation.

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All our technicians are high qualified and are ready to provide old window restoration of any complexity. We maintain the highest levels of quality control, and are always improving our efforts so we can pass along these efficiencies to our clients in the pricing.


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GoodWindowWorks Window Restoration Technologies provide historic window renovation and restoration services for all of Boston and beyond! Give a new life to your vintage windows with our team!

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