Wood Windows Restoration in Andover, MA



Why wood windows need restoration?

Wood windows are exposed to negative influences, such as temperature changes, high humidity, sunlight, dust and other negative factors that lead to decay and destruction of the wood. Qualitative restoration of wood windows in Andover will help to stop the process of deterioration and restore the windows to their original beauty.

Timely restoration of wood windows will not only correct their appearance, but will completely restore the condition of the wood from which they are made, and wood windows will serve you for many more years.

Window Sill Repair

Often, when old wood windows are repaired, the restoration also applies to the window sills. The same technology is used during sill restoration as in the repair of windows: the old wood is removed and replaced with new matching wood followed by priming and a fresh coat of paint or varnish.

The whole range of Good Window Works services in Andover includes:

  • Wood Window and Door restoration
  • Glass Replacement
  • Window & Door maintenance and service
  • Window Sash, Still and Frame repair

In the process of restoration, our company uses only high-quality and modern materials.

As a result of the ongoing restoration work, the client receives a practically new product that meets all modern requirements for sound and heat insulation but does not loose its original look. Therefore, if you have an apartment or house with old wood windows, do not rush to get rid of them, because the restoration of wood windows (the price depends on the amount of work) will be much cheaper.

Why work with Good Window Works?

  • 3 Year Warranty on Wood Window restoration
  • High quality of work for reasonable prices
  • We work with all American window brands
  • Free estimates and consultations

Good Window Works repairs rotten wood windows, including window mechanisms, frame, sill, sash and glass replacement in Andover. Feel free to contact us for free quote or consultation!

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