Historic wood window restoration

in Lincoln


Windows are very important architectural element of any historic building. They were designed to accompany the structure of the building. Windows best display the historic period and quality of the building structure.

Good Window Works provides full old window restoration in Lincoln, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Our main goal is to save and maintain the original material, profile, and dimension of all window components. We will give a new life to your old windows and make them energy efficient. Windows may need repair because the fitting sash has lost its seal and the wood is rotting causing drafts and leaks leading to frame damage. These problems can be easily solved by Good Windows Work technicians. After our unique restoration process of your historic windows, you will save money on energy bills as well as save the historic spirit and aesthetics of your older windows.

A typical full older window restoration will include:


  • Remove Sashes from frame
  • Prime and paint jambs and frames
  • Replace sash cords
  • Removal/cleaning of all glass
  • Repair any wood damage
  • Maintenance or repairs of hardware
  • Oil-Priming
  • Re-Glazing


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Our company provides the old window restoration in Lincoln with warranty assurance for all workmanship and materials provided during restoration. After our restoration services your old windows will receive the second chance and will serve for many generations ahead.


Please take a look on our recent historic wooden window restoration in Boston and area:

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GoodWindowWorks team provides historic window renovation and restoration services for all of Boston and beyond! Give a new life to your older windows with our company! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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