Wood Windows Restoration in Lexington, MA


Give your old wood windows a new life!

We all like the beautiful and neat appearance of our windows. Windows represent not only the exterior decoration of the house, but also have a quite practical function: protection from street cold, noise, rain, dust, etc. which makes our house warm, cozy and comfortable for living.

Restore your old windows – save the budget!

Choosing restoration over replacement of your old wood windows is also economically advantageous in comparison.This is especially true when it comes to windows of non-standard sizes or shapes in private houses or old apartments. Our company Good Window Works will help you in the restoration and modernization of your wood windows in Lexington.

Here are the most common problems with old windows:

  • Rotten wood
  • Frame surface is pealing and the wood is soft
  • Mechanical damages
  • Double pane window cracks
  • Fogged glass
  • Moisture between double-glazed windows
  • Paint on the wooden windows is cracked
  • Broken seals

Good Window Works has been helping the community of Lexington with window repair, glass replacement, window repair, window replacement, etc.

Why work with Good Window Works?

  • Experience in the wood windows & doors restoration

  • Professional level of service

  • 3 Year warranty on wood window restoration

  • Restoration with Good Window Works is always a joy!

We provide all kinds of window repairs in Lexington:

  • repair of aluminum windows,
  • repair of vinyl windows,
  • repair of wood windows,
  • replacement and repair of window mechanism and hardware.

Technicians of our company will apply their experience and serve their best to add a new look to your old windows and improve theirs durability. Therefore, you just need to call us and we will quickly and efficiently solve your problems with your old wood windows in Lexington!


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