Historic wood window restoration

in Wayland


Historic windows are very important part of historic buildings: they are important mechanism of the vintage structure as well as admirable architectural achievement. The construction of vintage windows is so designed that if the individual parts are damaged, the could still be restored. Our technicians can restore your old windows in Wayland and allow them to function even better than before, providing similar energy efficient as double-paned windows. After our historic window restoration they will still maintain your homes historic integrity.

We provide full old window restoration services in Wayland and specialize in historic window restorations. While old windows require special care in order to save antique construction, we provide unique approach to each of our window restoration projects. Good Windows Works restoration is a combination of trusted techniques along with modern systems. Some of these contemporary systems were developed especially for old wood window restoration. Our main goal is to provide the best and long – lasting restorations to even 100-year old wood windows so that they will serve good for centuries.  

We provide the following old wood windows restorations in Wayland:


  • Window Reglazing
  • Rotten wood restoration
  • Paint or Stain/Urethane Windows
  • Glass Replacement
  • Reinstall Window Sashes
  • Factory finish paint and staining services;
  • Hardware maintenance;
  • High-tech weatherstripping;
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Please take a look on our recent historic wooden window restoration in Boston and area:

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