Historic wood window restoration

in Concord


Vintage wood windows are designed as part of the structure and fit with the design of the home as well. In order to save the historic spirit and give old style windows the second life please contact us. We will restore your historic landmark windows in Concord to their original beauty.

We are historic wood window repair company. For years we have been providing our customers with the reliable services in wood window restoration.

Restoration services in Concord


We make individual estimates based on the architectural style of your building and the severity of the problems you are experiencing.

Depending on the condition of the window we offer the following services:

  • Reglazinge Windows
  • Extract Window Sashes from Jamb
  • Paint or Stain/Caulk Windows
  • Clean Glass
  • Reinstall Window Sashes
  • Factory finish paint and staining services;
  • Hardware maintenance;  


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For the period of the absence of windows, we temporarily close them with insulation panels.

Historic window restoration process

First of all we remove the old sashes and storms. Often due to poor condition of stormwindows, they are simply replaced. Then we repair and reglaze all sashes and refinish all materials including paint, stain and varnish. If the glass is damaged we replace it and also add weatherstripping. Lastly a new restored windows are ready to be installed back into its original place. Good Window Works provides restoration services with warranty assurance for all workmanship and materials.


Why work with us:

We will be happy to come to your location and give a new life to your historic windows. Please feel free to contact us with all of your questions concerning vintage window restoration or inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

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