Window replacement

Window replacement in Boston

In the process of long-term exposure, your window may lose their properties. Despite proper care, heat and cold, rain and wind, and other factors, can lead to gradual deterioration of the frame and even the glass itself. This deterioration becomes more noticeable as the years go by, and it is a good idea to replace your windows if you experience any of the following:

  • dampness (interior moisture)
  • mold
  • poor noise insulation
  • limited functionality (windows getting stuck, not staying open)

What are the advantages of  replacing old windows?

1) Heat-saving (Energy-efficient)
New windows allow you to reduce heat loss and save significantly in monthly energy costs.

2) An excellent insulation
You may not even realize how much extra noise your windows are letting in due to improper fitting and installation. Correctly selected and properly installed vinyl windows, along with the appropriate insulation will considerably reduce the amount of noise that gets let into your home from outside. This is especially important if you live near a highway or railroad. As a an added bonus, you will also notice less build-up of dust in your home as a result of properly fitted windows.

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3) Design
New windows can be standard or arched, trapezoidal, triangular, and even round. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from and they are all guaranteed to bring refinement, style, and beauty to your house.

4) Variety of materials
The window profile can be made of wood, vinyl or aluminum. The most rational in terms of money and possibilities is the option of vinyl windows. High-performance in energy-efficiency and resistance to external physical and climatic effects, combined with an affordable price make Vinyl windows the most attractive choice.

We work with all window brands such as Andersen, Pella, Window World, Milgard, Simonton, Harvey, Wallside, Loewen, Ply Gem, Alside, PGT, Silver Line, and many others.

When replacing windows, it is important to pay attention to a couple of factors, such as: the quality of the profile, competent selection of the window equipment, professional installation and measurement, and the contractor’s guarantees.  Now, it is more important than ever to buy energy efficient windows. Next, we will speak directly about the components of the energy-saving window and what they should be.

Profile. The most optimal variant of the “warm” window is a 5-chamber profile with a thickness of 70 mm. It will provide the best (the ratio of the value / heat loss) thermal insulation of the room. It is worth remembering that this part of the window is the base, similar to the foundation of the house. The profile of the metal-plastic window should retain its geometry under temperature changes, especially during frosty and hot periods, do not allow air to pass through, be statically rigid and withstand dynamic wind loads. In case of an oversight in choosing it, you will have to change the construction completely.

Gasket. This component also needs to be given due attention. The gasket should not be affected by temperature, it must be made of high-quality rubber or polymer, otherwise the gasket quickly deforms, loses its elasticity and the window loses its tightness.

Glass. The very first thing is tightness, that means that the air between the glasses should be as low as possible. If you need an energy-efficient window, you should choose both classic I-glasses with a standard value of conduction heat, and modern low-emission glasses EN2 and Zero that have improved thermal insulation characteristics. The essence is to apply a layer of silver ions to a cold glass in a vacuum. Such spraying is not used for single glasses, but is necessarily oriented inside the double-glazed unit. If you have a bustling district in Boston, you should order a vinyl window with glass of different thickness to reflect the sound waves.

We are persistent in providing high level of service and high quality products. If you decide to replace your windows in Boston, call our specialists and very soon you will enjoy a pleasant update and significant improvement of the microclimate and comfort in your home.


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